ASM is a non-profit professional organization that promotes and protects the practice of acupuncture in Massachusetts.

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Political & Legislative Activities

Acupuncture is regulated at the state level. 

ASM works in many ways to stay on top of legislative and regulatory issues that impact the acupuncture professional and you as a practitioner. 

You'll find helpful information here as well as ways that you can get more involved.

Department of Insurance

ASM spoke up about the inclusion of acupuncture as an options for non-opioid pain relief and drafted a letter supporting this. Read more


ASM works to protect the acupuncture scope of practice by monitoring legislation and regulations that impact the practice of acupuncture. Here is information about what House and/or Senate bills are currently active. Read more

Dry Needling

Get information about its history, related bills, and updates from the ASM Dry Needling Task Force Read more


As of January 2014, regulations went into place which allow acupuncture visits to be covered for those individuals enrolled in the state's MassHealth program. Read more

Affordable Care Act

Another important issue that ASM follows and tracks impact on the profession of acupuncture. Read more

How to Find Your Legislator

If you don't know who to contact in your home or work area, use these resources

ASM invites you to step up and help 

  • Become a member so that you can be an active participant working for change for our profession. Invite some colleagues too!
  • Support Us to ensure that we have the finances to follow these important bills through to passage
  • Call, Email, Mail - there is power in numbers. If each of us contacts local representatives, our voices can be heard, letting those in the state house know what is important for the progression of our profession. 
  • Volunteer to step up and participate when ASM goes to the state house or takes on other initiatives. Email Linda Robinson-Hidas at
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